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Watch Netflix premium Account for Free

January 18, 2018 | 2 Minute Read

Netflix is the great platform to watch your favourite movies or TV shows by sittin at home. You get to see latest movies on Netflix if you have the premium account. To get premium account you have to pay using your credit card or master card. But what if you can do it without paying? Sounds exciting. I will tell you how to do so today.

The process works only on Google Chrome so if you haven’t installed Chrome yet get it done now. I will do it using google chrome cookies of nextflix, so stay with me till the last step.

Step1: Go to Netflix and stay there.

Step 2: Add extension called Edit This Cookie on your chrome browser.

laravel on heroku

It should be like this.

Step 3 : Go to this link and download any cookie you want.

Step 4 : Click on the icon of Edit this cookie and import the cookie that you have just downloaded and click on the import option like below.

laravel on heroku

After that following option will appear and paste or enter the cookie that you have downloaded.

laravel on heroku

Once you have entered the cookie, refresh the Netflix tab that you were on previous and Voila you will be logged in autimatically.

laravel on heroku

Note: Don't change the email or password, as other people will also get to use it.

Note: Dont't logout from the netflix account once you have completed all the process. If you want to logout just close the window but don't logout.

Sometimes, you may face the problem of cookie not working. Don’t worry it happens sometimes, just wait for 5-10 minutes clear your cache and cookie and try again.

There are lot of profile once you are logged in. Click on manage profile.

laravel on heroku

Choose anyprofile that you want to edit.

laravel on heroku

You can change your language settings and all the setting to allow TV shows and Movies.

laravel on heroku

So that’s it. You have successfully configured premium Netflix account and now you can watch your TV shows or Movies at any time.

Comment down below if you have any problem while doing this, will help you to sort it out.

Don't forget to like and share this post. I will come up with other trips and tricks too in future days so peace out for now.